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A Sunny Sunday at Madrid

Have you ever been in Madrid?

Having a bad-weather day is pretty rare in Madrid. Instead of suffering a hangover at home alone or preparing and waiting for the working week, enjoying every moment of the weekend like a true Madridelene (Madrileño) is what you need.
Many things to do on Sunday. Between get into museums for free, going at the Cinema, Do a Sunday Brunch, Doing a bit of Sport, visiting the Madrid’s markets, find a place to get some beers, Go on Picnic or simply visiting surrounding areas out of town.
For me, a perfect Sunday has always been relaxing and doing nothing, I mean with a busy week, Sunday has always been the perfect moment to get rid of all kind of daily problems and to find some peace to enjoy the beauty of Nature. And believe me; Madrid has what it takes to realize how beautiful Spain is.

But where to go?

“La Latina”, one of the traditions kept and transmitted through generations in Madrid, to set up meeting with friends to have some beers on Sunday in La Latina. In summer time, you have plenty of choice between hundreds of outdoors “Terazzas” to have beers or simply a lunch or brunch.
You might choose for going from one bar to another, the terraces and sidewalks are packed with punters and lively conversations. Some of the favorite places like La Taberna del Zapatero or La Corolla (C/Almendro) are there for you. Malasaña and its Plaza del Dos de Mayo is another of the favorites for having a few glasses of beer in good company, as is C/ Argumosa in Lavapiés. Another great choice is El Mesón del Rastro (C/Santa Ana 8). But just remember, it’s Sunday, wherever you are, you'll always find a nice place for a quality glass of wine, or beer.
But before, you can get down to the Rastro, One of Europe's largest flea markets.

El Rastro!

It’s one of the biggest outdoor markets in Spain, and Europe eventually. And, an absolute must see while you are in Madrid. This enormous market is heaving with people every Sunday and offers anything you could ask for. All kinds of flea markets with something for everyone are set up around the city. More than 1,000 vendors assemble their stalls in the morning in C/ Ribera de Curtidores and soon all the surrounding streets are filled and buzzing with business.
From antiques and clothing, to furniture and artwork. Its wide variety, outdoor patio where you can take a load off and get refreshments, area for kids and free concerts are among its main attractions. Even if you don't want to buy it's worth going just to see the enormous crowds milling up and down in search of a bargain.
It is open from 9:00AM – 3:00PM every Sunday. It also stays open throughout the whole year.

Madrid is so beautiful; there are plenty of choices to end perfectly a weekend with a sunny Sunday. It’s always up to you!

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SIem Reap Trip - Cambodia, lovely country

A trip that changed my view

I remember that day when my fiancee talked to me of Cambodia and asked me if I would be interested to live in Cambodia for a year or two. She spent 6 months in Cambodia and loves the country.

Cambodia really!! I retorted. I don't see myself living in Cambodia. Being an entrepreneur and working on internet's world made me wonder if I would even be able to find a decent place with internet to work, or if the daily life would suit me.

So, not to be intransigent on my decision, i showed her a bit of flexibility. I've accepted a little trip (an extended weekend) to Siem reap and have promised to be open minded.

Having visited few cities in Asia has given me a little understanding of the people and their culture. The expectations I could have from them.

Arrived at Siem Reap airport after a short trip, the first positive impression came from the immigration staff. Usually, in most countries I've visited, the guys were usually like being in quest of power; They like to show you that they're in command, they can deny you the entry if they want as it's usually at the officer's discretion. Here, i felt welcomed. The guy wasn't really chatting, but he was showing a kind of face which means "welcome, i'm happy to meet you, i'm a nice guy".

As the hotel helped us with the pick-up's transportation, it was pretty cool. I was expecting a taxi or mini-van to drive us to the hotel. However, it was a tuck-tuck. A really nice driver who hardly speaks English. It wasn't an issue at all.

First impression of the city and a big difference to big cities in Southern Asia, no towers or large buildings, no many cars, but a fresh air, the kind of atmosphere you could only enjoy at the countryside. So, imagine such atmosphere in a quiet city. I loved that.

What about people? It's been a while I haven't had such feeling, living in a big city made me forgot what a true happiness really means. The deep value of happiness. It doesn't matter to have a lot of money, or material goods, going to big shopping malls or big cinemas. it was the calm's attitude among people. People were calm, slow, and with such a mind free, stress free. The kind of mentality that you could experiment only in village (mostly in Africa) where a the routine life's problem can easily be resolved without being stressed. This is not 100% true, but this is the feeling I had, a big impression. Of course Siem Reap is not a modern city, but you can suit yourself with what it has to offer, with some of facilities and amenities (internet, ATM,...) that you can find in a modern city.

I'm not a big fan of visiting temples, museums,... but with the nature and atmosphere, it was really nice and I loved it.

The night life? You will find good bars and restaurants in one main area, a road named: Pub Street. And also, the night market! you'll really appreciate.

An extended weekend has changed my mind and made me realized what I'm missing in a big city.

Now, to the question if I would consider to spend a year or two in Cambodia if there is a possibility, Of course "YES"! I would be more than happy!!


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